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Microsoft Word Essentials




COURSE NAME: Microsoft Word Essentials
NQF LEVEL: 1 – Basic

Using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents

  •  Read, write, communicate and comprehend at least at GET level
  •  Operate a personal computer system.
  •  Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment. (PC’s and Windows Essentials)


  •  Interactive learning based on outcome-based education approaching
  •  Facilitation approach during classroom training
  •  Visual aids – the use of multiple visual aids are promoted incl. slides, whiteboard, flipchart, video, audio
  •  Questioning techniques used – open-ended questions, discussions, analyzing, comparisons, own opinions, conflict resolution, work-based examples, clarifications


Learning unit 1: Word Processing Principles – Introduction to Word Processing
Module 1: Starting the Microsoft Word Program
Module 2: Understanding the Screen
Module 3: Working with Toolbars
Module 4: Screen Terminology
Module 5: Typing Text
Module 6: Spelling and Grammar as you type
Module 7: Navigating
Module 8: The Zoom
Module 9: The Show/Hide tool
Module 10: View Buttons

Learning unit 2: Working with File Commands
Module 1: Saving a Document
Module 2: Closing a Document
Module 3: Opening an existing document
Module 4: Starting a new blank document
Module 5: Saving changes to a document
Module 6: Saving a document with a Different Name
Module 7: Saving in a different file format
Module 8: Deleting a document

Learning unit 3: Editing Tools
Module 1: Editing your document
Module 2: Moving and Copying Text
Module 3: Using the Clipboard
Module 4: Find and replace text
Module 5: Check spelling
Module 6: Special characters
Module 7: Check text automatically while entering
Module 8: Toolbars

Learning unit 4: Formatting
Module 1: Selecting Text for formatting
Module 2: Formatting text
Module 3: Format Painter
Module 4: Text alignment
Module 5: Line spacing
Module 6: Hyphenating a Document
Module 7: Page Breaks
Module 8: Setting Indents
Module 9: Working with tabs
Module 10: Bullets and Numbering
Module 11: AutoFormat as you type

Learning unit 5: Tables
Module 1: Creating a Table
Module 2: Tables and Borders Toolbar
Module 3: Navigating in a Table
Module 4: Selecting in a table
Module 5: Inserting or Deleting rows or columns
Module 6: Changing column widths and row heights
Module 7: Formatting text in a table

Learning unit 6: Page Setup and Printing
Module 1: Page Setup
Module 2: Margin Settings
Module 3: Paper Settings
Module 4: Previewing a document
Module 5: Printing a document


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