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E-Mail Gems




Product Description


            Email Introduction

            Exercise – Screen Myths

            Exercise Answers I

            Exercise Answers II

            E-mail Temptations

            E-mail Pet Peeves

            E-mail Advantages & Disadvantages

            Writing Commandments

            Commandment I – Audience

            Reader’s Needs

            Commandment II – Purpose

            Subject Lines

            Overview – Screen Savvy Techniques

            Exercise – E-mail Junk

            Exercise Analysis

            Analysis – Gem Qualities: Screen Savvy Techniques




            Clarity – Screen Sense

            Carats – Screen Streamlining I

            Exercise – wordiness

            Carats – Screen Streamlining II

            Cut – Screen Sensitivity

            Color – Screen Style

            Facets – Screen Scannability

            Polishing Your Gems

            Exercise – Junk to Gems

            E-mail Example I

            E-mail Example II

            E-mail Example III

            E-mail Example IV

            E-mail Example V

  •             Conclision


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